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Sentimental scammers will stop at nothing.

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Hundreds of men seek their future wife on the internet. Many men in Western countries want to know a beautiful woman of the republic of the former Soviet Union, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine etc.

Many Russian and Ukrainian women would move to Western countries by different reasons: the general attitude of European and American men towards women, high levels of life in the countries of Europe, the possibility of obtain citizenship of another country. The contact is beneficial to both sides. At the same time there are pitfalls sentimental scams prepare their victims. Sometimes even without a real identity. Taking a picture of a beautiful woman, one invents a credible story and start hunting.

After several weeks of sometimes quite intimate correspondence when man attaches emotionally to women, the scammer starts to act. The fire, flood; a serious illness ... They (or they) have no moral limits to their imagination. Using pity the crook extort sums sometimes very considerable.

Not to fall into their trap, be careful and check the data of beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women or contact Involved in a marriage agency trustworthy.